CanCred Passport Member

CanCred Passport Member


Canadian cloud service for Open Badges as flexible digital credentials. Our platforms include CanCred Factory and CanCred Passport. As a badge issuer we focus on building knowledge and engagement in the Open Badges community.


The earner of this Open Badge is a member of the CanCred Passport community. CanCred Passport is a free service for earners of Open Badges, provided as a companion service to CanCred Factory by Services are hosted in Canada. This badge is a "key" to enter the community Space hosted by Learning Agents, which encourages learners to explore how CanCred Passport can help them build their digital profile.


Earner has applied to be identified as a member of the CanCred Passport community.

This Open Badge may be stored in CanCred Passport, other Passports and other platforms that support the Open Badge standard.

How to earn this badge

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Follow the link inside the email to see how you can set up a free badge portfolio on CanCred Passport to collect and share all the badges you receive from ANY platform — with no advertising or obligation.

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