BRAINSTORMER: AI-Powered Mobile Assistive Technology Apps

BRAINSTORMER: AI-Powered Mobile Assistive Technology Apps


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AI, applications, assistive, low-vision, mobile, technology, We-Count
The earner of this badge contributed to We Count's "AI-Powered Mobile Assistive Technology Apps" workshop based on their experience and key feedback of an assistive mobile app for low vision. The insights gathered are reviewed in We Count's inclusive data ecosystems to address the inherent bias against small minorities and outliers in AI and data analytics. Estimated learning time including assessment: 3 hours.

For more information, please visit We Count’s Home Page.

Instructions for Badge Earners

This assessment includes the submission of an application trial packaged based on the workshop series “AI-Powered Mobile Assistive Technology apps”. Please indicate whether you are submitting your work as a participant in the workshop series or as an asynchronous contributor. This assessment is not time-restricted, featuring an option at the bottom of the form for it to be saved and continued later. Please upload your file using the submission button below. A We Count assessor will verify your submission in order to grant you the Brainstormer badge. The average learning time for this badge is 3 hours.

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Which mobile app did you explore?
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