COMMUNICATOR: AI-Powered Mobile Assistive Technology Apps

COMMUNICATOR: AI-Powered Mobile Assistive Technology Apps


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Artificial-Intelligence, assistive-technology, low-vision, We-Count
The earner of this badge has completed a presentation based on We Count's "AI-Powered Mobile Assistive Technology Apps" workshop. This included organizing all relevant workshop findings into a fully accessible format, focusing on the implications of the use of AI in assistive technology and wider society. A summative assessment ( presentation document with terminology and frameworks, and relevant use) was completed and then evaluated by a qualified We Count assessor. Estimated learning time including assessment: 3 hours

For more information, please visit We Count’s Home Page.

Instructions for Badge Earners

This assessment includes the submission of a presentation based on the workshop series “AI-Powered Mobile Assistive Technology apps”. This assessment is not time-restricted, featuring an option at the bottom of the form for it to be saved and continued later. Please upload your file using the submission button below. As a reminder, resources for making documents accessible can be found on the We Count website. A We Count assessor will verify your submission in order to grant you the Communicator badge. The average learning time for this badge is 3-5 hours.

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