LEARNER: The Metric Society and the Unmeasurable

LEARNER: The Metric Society and the Unmeasurable


Inclusive Design Research Centre


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accessibility, AI, Learning, Metric-Society, mobile-apps, quantification, Social-Hierarchy, Statistics, We-Count
The learner of this badge has learned about various perspectives on AI and data metrics in different facets of everyday life, including social media and health. In addition, the earner has contributed their perspective on the benefits and drawbacks of mass data collection in our everyday life. The learner viewed a webinar on mass data gathering delivered by Steffen Mau (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Virginia Eubanks (University at Albany, SUNY) and Jutta Treviranus (OCAD University). A summative assessment, in the form of a knowledge recall quiz that includes distinguishing terminology, frameworks and relevant use, was completed and then evaluated by a qualified We Count assessor. Estimated learning time including assessment: 2–4 hours.

For more information, please visit We Count’s Home Page

This Learner assessment consists of 5 short-answer questions based on the content of We Count’s Metric Society and the Unmeasurable webinar. The reflection questions will allow you to connect what you have learned from your own experiences with the We Count initiatives.

This assessment is not time restricted, featuring an option at the bottom of the form for it to be saved and continued later. Remember to read through all of the questions carefully and to take your time.

The average learning time for this badge is 2–4 hours.

Short Answer

Review webinar if needed.
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