LEARNER: AI in the Cycle of Employment

LEARNER: AI in the Cycle of Employment


Inclusive Design Research Centre


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The Future of Work and Disability Project of the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) examined the barriers and opportunities that artificial intelligence (AI) and other “smart” technologies present for persons with disabilities (PWD) in the sphere of employment. The learner of this badge has discovered, understood and gained insight into the ways that AI and other Smart Technologies impact people with disabilities and their capacity to seek gainful employment. In addition, the learner has contributed their perspective on potential problems that AI raises in the hiring process and reflected on how to make those systems more inclusive for persons with disabilities. The learner viewed a webinar on the risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence for persons with disabilities, delivered by Shari Trewin (Manager of IBM Accessibility Leadership Team, Chair of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Accessible Computing (SIGACCESS), Distinguished Scientist of the ACM), Ben Tamblyn (Director of Inclusive Design at Microsoft), Chancey Fleet (a 2018–19 Fellow at Data & Society, currently an Affiliate-in-Residence), and Vera Roberts (Senior Manager at IDRC). A summative assessment, in the form of a knowledge recall quiz including distinguishing terminology, frameworks, and relevant use, was completed, and then evaluated by a qualified We Count assessor. Estimated learning time including assessment: 2-4 hours.

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This Learner assessment consists of 5 short-answer questions based on the content of We Count’s AI Employment Systems webinar. The reflection questions will allow you to connect what you have learned from your own experiences and the We Count initiatives.

This assessment is not time-restricted, featuring an option at the bottom of the form for it to be saved and continued later. Remember to read through all of the questions carefully, and to take your time.

The average learning time for this badge is 2-4 hours.

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5 common harms: 1. Fluctuations in quality of service for users 2. Harms of allocation (e.g., incorrect prediction of emotional state) 3. Denigration, which can invalidate data input 4. Stereotyping 5. Over and Underrepresentation (e.g., information retrieval systems such as search engines amplifying bias against Persons with Disabilities by returning poor search results)

100-200 words; Hint: You can re-visit the webinar from 3:00 to 13:00 to help you answer this question.
100-200 words
100-200 words
100-200 words; Hint: You can re-visit the webinar from 38:00 to 49:00 to help you answer this question.
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