3D Printing Basics

3D Printing Basics

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A beginner-level 3D printing skills badge offered through the Digital Media Experience lab at the TMU Libraries.


As a member of the TMU Libraries Digital Media Experience Lab certified for 3D Printing Basics, this badge holder has demonstrated the following skills:

  1. Setting up, loading, and configuring a Prusa MK3+ 3D printer.
  2. Modeling custom designs using 3D computer-aided design software.
  3. Slicing custom designs into .gcode files compatible with the Digital Media Experience Lab's Prusa Slicer software workflow.
  4. Optimizing materials used in a fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printing process.
  5. Operating 3D printing hardware safely and adhering to TMU Libraries' acceptable use policies.


Create or Innovate New Knowledge - TMU Libraries Research Life Cycle


Thank you for your interest in the 3D Printing basics skills badge offered by The TMU Libraries Digital Media Experience Lab.

Upon completion of this application form, badge holders will be able to create custom design and 3D print them at the Lab. To obtain your print and/or LinkedIn-compatible certification, please complete the following brief application.

This is the confirmation number for your 3D Printing Certification test, which was emailed to you. If you are searching for this email in your deleted items, look for items sent from the email address dme@torontomu.ca or dme.3dprinting@torontomu.ca.
Upload a preview screenshot from your slicer software.
Upload a photo of the object you 3D printed at the DME lab.
What design practices did you follow when modelling this 3D design? How did these allow you to create gcode that could be successfully extruded by a FDM printer?
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