Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification

Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification

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Being a Trauma-Informed Coach Certified (TICC) offers a unique opportunity for self-awareness and to gain confidence with your ability to recognize when clients are experiencing, or have been involved with traumatic events that are impacting or preventing them from moving forward resourcefully. It enhances the learning of not only coaches but health professionals and individuals seeking knowledge of trauma, its effects on the clients and how best to coach the processing of trauma when it presents itself. Those interested in working with trauma survivors as clients and wishing to support and coach these individuals in their recovery will benefit greatly from this training.


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The International Coach Federation (ICF) requires all participants to attend 80% of the in-class portion of a course to obtain a certificate of completion.

The Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification (TICC) commitment is 12 days of online training and has 12 sessions x 3 hours = 2160 min. total. Learners must participate in at least 9.6 sessions or 1728 min. of in-class instruction to meet this requirement. participate in at least 9.6 sessions or 1728 min.

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