Manufacturing Foundations

Manufacturing Foundations

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This micro-credential certifies that the learner has developed an authentic understanding of what it takes to be successful in manufacturing and has demonstrated employability soft skills in a manufacturing workplace.
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EMC is a unique Canadian not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping manufacturers grow and become more competitive. Our education, training and development programs build excellence at all levels and every stage of a career.


Learner has successfully completed a blended learning path designed to build awareness of manufacturing as a sector and the employability skills required for success.

Work placement

Learner has met the minimum attendance and participation requirements during a work placement at a manufacturing workplace, supervised by a designated employer representative. A Learner's success in the Work Placement is confirmed and approved by their employer.

Online learning component

The Learner has completed a series of 30-60 minutes self-paced e-learning modules developed to increase awareness of the Employability Skills needed to be successful in the manufacturing sector. Topics included:

  • Adaptability and Resilience
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Difficult Interactions
  • Attitude
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Accountability

Estimated effort time

198 - 275 hours

About the MEC Program

The Manufacturing Essentials Certification (MEC) Program is an initiative designed to build the confidence of the manufacturing workforce in Skills for Success such as problem solving, collaboration, communications, and leadership. Developed to support the manufacturing industry with increased productivity, improved workplace culture, higher employee engagement, and overall a more collaborative working environment.

EMC updates learning content on a regular basis. Version: 2021-3

Badge endorsements


  • As an employer, I value this badge, because as much as "Hands On" experience is important& necessary in the workplace, the fundamental soft skills are essential for a new generation of young workers, so that they can be successful in their chosen field.

Design Filtration Microzone

We recognize the skills and competences of people who earn this badge as it highlights the experiences they gained working in the Manufacturing sector. Not only does it identify that the participant had the necessary foundational skills to be successful in the workplace, it also signifies the teamwork and dedication this participant brought to work each day which made them invaluable.

We really appreciated having our coop student and the training he received through the EMC WilWorks High School Program. It truly enhanced his experience on the job and working with our team. The Manufacturing Foundations Badge is a good indicator of thorough and useful training.

Hovey Industries Inc.

As an employer in the manufacturing sector, we recognize this badge as evidence of learning and engagement in the manufacturing environment. We value this Micro-Credential as it shows that participants have workplace experience in addition to EMC training in the Manufacturing sector as well as the foundational skills to be successful in the workplace.

Marco Campagna President Hovey Industries Inc.

Lifco Hydraulics Ltd.

As an employer, we highly value the opportunities that the Manufacturing Foundations Micro-Credential provides. We know that applicants with this credential have had real-life work experience, and have also been given opportunities to extend their learning by having access to value resources. The practical experience this program provides can only be seen as a benefit to the employee and the employer.

Podolinsky Equipment Ltd.

  • We were impressed with the quality of the training and content provided. Students who complete this program will be more prepared for the workplace as a result of this prior training.

Steelworks Inc.

As an employer, we value the Manufacturing Foundations Micro-Credential as it shows that participants have workplace experience in the Manufacturing sector as well as the foundational skills to be successful in the workplace.

TCA Technologies Inc

As an employer we value this badge as it proves the student has the foundations required for a successful placement.

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