Problem Solving

Problem Solving

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This course has helped the learner develop an effective 7-step strategy to solve problems in the workplace, including root cause analysis.
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EMC is a unique Canadian not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping manufacturers grow and become more competitive. Our education, training and development programs build excellence at all levels and every stage of a career.


Course content

  • Text and multimedia presentations that introduce key concepts and apply them to the manufacturing workplace
  • Interactive checkpoints within the course to test for knowledge and understanding
  • Opportunities for personal reflection
  • Checklists and hints for personalizing and applying the learning to future problem solving
  • Downloadable resources to assist in problem solving in the workplace

Learning outcomes

  • Understand that complex or persistent problems at work require a structured and systematic approach
  • Understand what each of the steps in the 7-Step Problem Strategy are and how to use them
  • Understand that when a cause-and-effect or root cause analysis is not done, problems will likely return
  • Understand that in today‚Äôs workplace, problem-solving may be expected from any employee


This is a self-paced course with several checkpoints for formative assessment. It concludes with a final knowledge check. Responses are automatically assessed. Multiple attempts are permitted.

Estimated learning time

1 hour

About the MEC Program

The Manufacturing Essentials Certification (MEC) Program is an initiative designed to build the confidence of the manufacturing workforce in Skills for Success such as problem solving, collaboration, communications, and leadership. Developed to support the manufacturing industry with increased productivity, improved workplace culture, higher employee engagement, and overall a more collaborative working environment.

EMC updates learning content on a regular basis. Version: 2021-1

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