FR - New feature in CanCred Passport - Advertise Badge Opportunities

Mar 6, 2017

CanCred Passport has added an exciting new feature! Badge issuing organizations in CanCred Factory can now advertise their badges in Passport’s Gallery section.

This will provide high visibility to badge earning opportunities so that:

  • badge issuers can boost the profile of their branded learning and recognition and make it more accessible
  • badge earners can browse opportunities to build their own learning pathways with badges

Method 1: Advertising the badge itself

This method is suitable for badge opportunities such as events, workshops, or online courses/MOOCs. Badge Creators in issuing organizations can click Advertise in Passport in the Preview area of the badge:

Issuer screenshot

A dialogue box will help you configure your badge opportunity. For example, you can advertise a course and add a registration link:

Issuer dialogue box

Method 2: Advertising a badge application

This method is for those who want to link to a badge application, not the badge itself.

Badge Creators can click Advertise in Passport in the Settings area of the badge application:

Issuer screenshot

A dialogue box will help you configure the badge opportunity linked to the application:

Issuer dialogue box

This method can be used to duplicate Method 1: the link you provide in Method 1 can be to your badge application. If you do this, there will be two badge opportunities published in the Gallery. We advise to to choose only one method, to avoid potential confusion for badge earners.

Using badge applications is actually a great way to avoid cumbersome LMS course development to issue badges, especially for badge opportunities that are based on personal reflection (perhaps using open resources), classroom workshops and other forms of face to face learning (perhaps using a claim code), or even “lighter touch” badges, such as the CanCred Passport Member badge above.

Badge earners can now find your earnable badges in Passport → Gallery → Apply for a badge:

Earner screenshot

Badge issuers: we encourage you to experiment with this new feature. Get your learning out there!