Get up to speed with new video tutorials

Oct 5, 2020

CanCred has produced a series of video tutorials to help new and current users get the most out of our flexible platform.

The short videos take you through the process of creating and issuing digital badges and micro-credentials on CanCred Factory. They embed useful advice on how to maximize the benefits of our platform to meet your objectives.

See details and video tutorials on CanCred Factory’s Help page.

Topics include:

  • Branded endorsement of credentials and organisations
    A standards-based element to support formal and non-formal recommendations by partner and third party organisations. CanCred endorsements permit the endorser to say why they’re endorsing a credential or an organisation. These add authentic networked trust and value to your credentials.

  • Alignment to common frameworks
    Use CanCred’s standards-based Alignment feature to align your badges and micro-credentials to Ontario’s Essential Employability Skills or to explicitly support eCampusOntario’s Principles and Framework. Or link directly to ESCO, the European skills database. Direct links to Canadian frameworks are coming soon, via a partnership project with St. Lawrence College and Shopify.

  • Multilingual credentials
    Not just English and French but other languages including Cree, Ojibway and other Indigenous languages, to support bilingualism, multiculturalism and Truth and Reconciliation in Canada

  • Credential sharing networks
    Freely copy your badges and micro-credentials to partners or share them as controlled links to build distributed issuing networks

  • Standalone verifiable PDF credentials
    Learners don’t even have to upload their badges and micro-credentials to share them via email and other means. QR codes in the certificates link to the hosted credential for verification. Validation confirms that the credential has not expired, has not been revoked and has not been modified since issue.

Tutorial Showcase

See CanCred Factory’s Help page) for details.