With CanCred Factory, you can create and manage your badges in one place, and issue them from other platforms such as Learning Management Systems. There are three ways to integrate with other platforms:

  1. Use existing plugins (Moodle/Totara)
  2. Develop your own Factory plugin using our RESTful API
  3. LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability, the IMS Global technology standard) if your platform is LTI-compliant.

LTI integration

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is a standard developed by 1EdTech Consortium, which enables courseware and learning tools from different vendors to be launched within a learning platform, often an LMS.

LTI Integration provides a link between an LTI supported LMS and your badge issuing account in Factory. Our customers can use LTI integration with Canvas LMS, Blackboard, Brightspace etc. LTI 1.3 has a more straightforward upgrade path than other versions and the full support and endorsement of major platform providers.

Current LTI integrations include:

Please note: As with Moodle documentation above, these plugins were originally developed for Open Badge Factory, our sister platform in Europe. When integrating for CanCred Factory, if you see replace it with as appropriate.

LTI integration requires a Pro subscription level. Please log in into your CanCred Factory Pro account and go to Admin Tools > LTI for more information.

Moodle plugin

Our Moodle plugin enables you to issue CanCred Factory badges from a single Moodle or a multi-site Moodle platform.

Please note: This version now combines issuing and display functions into a single plugin.

It enables users to:

  • Issue badges manually to learners from inside Moodle
  • Issue badges automatically based on course completion, activity completion, or profile completion.
  • Get badge awarding history
  • Display earned badges on learner profiles, whether from CanCred Factory or CanCred Passport

NEW! Factory Pro customers can set specific badge permissions using Moodle categories (link Factory categories with Moodle categories).

Multi-tenancy options

  • Connect one Factory account to multiple Moodle sites.
  • Connect multiple Factory accounts to your Moodle site using OAuth2 API keys.

Download the Moodle plugin

Read the User Guide (English only)

Moodle plugins also work with Totara LMS (versions 11 and up) and may work with other LMSs built on the Moodle core.

Please note: This plugin was developed for Open Badge Factory, our identical sister platform in Europe. When integrating for CanCred Factory, if you see replace it with as appropriate.


CanCred Factory users can use our REST API to issue badges from multiple platforms, including their LMS. We welcome new integrations with other platform providers who want to enable their users to issue standard-compliant Open Badges. To develop an integration, your developers need only our API documentation and an account in CanCred Factory.

Please note that OAuth2 authentication requires a Pro level account. Other account levels can use X.509 client side certificates for authentication.

Download the REST documentation for developers.
This documentation was written for both Open Badge Factory (OBF) and CanCred Factory platforms.

Contact us with any questions.