CanCred email service interruption

Feb 6, 2023

CanCred Factory experienced an interruption of AWS email services from 4:43 pm ET on 27 January to 11:39 pm ET on 1 February.

This interruption was caused by an organization attempting a mass issue of over 13,000 badges at once, many to non-existent email addresses, causing many “hard bounces” and triggering the AWS anti-spam response.

During this period, badges were issued with no email notifications.
(NOTE: Badge recipients with Passport accounts were still able to accept badges on Passport during this time.)

Messaging from the platfrom was resumed on 1 February when AWS restored service. From 4 - 6 February, the backlog of unsent email messages to notify recipients about unclaimed badges was sent in small batches.

No other action needs to be taken by issuing organizations on CanCred Factory.

We regret the inconvenience this incident has caused our other clients and will be implementing safeguards to prevent this from happening again in the future.

CanCred Service Team