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Digital credentials built on the Open Badges standard.
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For organisations large or small — across Canada.

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By Canadians, for Canadians.

Bilingual platform, local knowledge, global awareness.
Our secure technology is hosted in Canada and we respect the privacy laws of Canada and the European Union.

Our comprehensive onboarding service helps you get the most out of your investment from Day 1.

Innovative features and benefits

  • Multilingual badges: English, French, indigenous languages and global languages
  • Embedded endorsement by employers, accrediting bodies and other organisations. Support the quality and utility of your badges and micro-credentials
  • External alignment to key public frameworks for skills, standards and other important markers like the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Signal the relevance of your badges.
  • PDF badges that can work standalone or for sharing online. Unique to our technology - make it easy for your earners!



Issue in many places, manage in one place

Recognize learning wherever it happens: face to face, mobile or web. CanCred Factory supports LTI integration and has free plugins for many popular eLearning systems.

With CanCred Factory as your recognition hub, you can meet your learners wherever they’re learning. Meanwhile, you maintain control at the centre. And your badges remain secure even if you change your eLearning system.

Free Passport Portfolio

CanCred Passport is our free companion service for badge earners to store and share them with the world.

CanCred Passport is much more than a simple badge wallet for sharing to social media - it’s a great place to build career portfolios for badges and evidence like uploaded documents and videos.

Help your badge earners show what they know. Soon to have a mobile app!

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No budget

2 badge catalogue
5,000 badges issued/year
1 user account
No support

$ 0 CAD



Limited budget

10 badge catalogue
5,000 badges issued/year
Badge application forms
Limited support

$ 350 CAD / year



Getting serious

Unlimited badge catalogue
15,000 badges issued/year
Verified issuer
Milestone badges
Branding banners
Badge sharing
Standard onboarding
Standard support

$ 1,095 / year


60 day free trial



Full throttle

Unlimited badge catalogue
50,000 badges issued/year
PDF badges
LTI integration
External alignment
Advanced reporting
Advanced branding
SMTP integration
Enhanced onboarding
Priority support

$ 2,150 / year

Enhanced sub-organisations
Community Spaces in Passport
Dedicated Passport
Badge record storage
Blockchain verification

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Plugins and Integrations github

Plugins are free - download them from our Integrations page

Note: Integrations for Brightspace and Canvas require LTI integration, a feature available only at the Pro level.

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  • Mar 21, 2023

    Customize your PDF badges!

    CanCred Factory subscribers can now customize the look and feel of their PDF badges, right down to each individual badge! Using a combination of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and a templating language called Mustache, users can now style text and custom graphics to meet specific needs, combining static and dynamic content to make a single page certificate, a full version with all the badge metadata, or a combination of single page certificate AND the full metadata! Regardless, you can include a QR code and link that will take the viewer straight to the hosted credential for more details and verification.

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  • Mar 19, 2023

    New feature - Send confirmation message to badge applicants

    In addition to the default live confirmation that an applicant sees when a badge application has been sent, issuing organisations now have the option of attaching a confirmation message to their badge applications. Your badge applicants can immediately receive an email message confirming receipt of the application. This message includes a link to a read-only version of the badge application for their reference.

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  • Feb 7, 2023

    HINT - A better way to share badges to LinkedIn

    You can improve the user experience for your learners sharing badges and micro-credentials to LinkedIn by adding the 6-9 digit code that’s embedded in the admin’s URL for your company page on LinkedIn company page. This code can only be seen by the person with editing rights to the page:

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