CanCred Factory Upgrade - Pro Level Features

Jan 25, 2019

CanCred Factory was upgraded yesterday to create a new organization subscription level: Pro.

CanCred Factory Pro replaces CanCred Factory Pro Enterprise and reduces the subscription cost by 20% to $1,995 per year. Current Enterprise subscriptions have been converted to Pro and will renew at the lower cost. We have also added or improved several features in the new Pro level:

  • Improved badge application review
  • A report builder for badge statistics with CSV export for further analysis
  • Refactored LTI services, driving better integration with LTI-enabled platforms such as D2L Brightspace, Blackboard and Canvas
    (Note: LTI is only available at the Pro level)
  • Custom CSS for better messaging in badge issuing emails
  • Better visibility for advertised badges in Passport
  • Finer-grained badge issuing and editing permissions


We’ll be updating our documentation and demoing these features over the next few months. In the meantime, learn more in our Detailed Feature Comparison, snapshotted below. Feel free to explore and leverage these new ways to add value to your badges!

Questions? We welcome them at info@cancred.ca.