Presentation at IMS Digital Credentials Summit

Feb 6, 2019

Don Presant, President of CanCred by Learning Agents, was proud to partner with Michel Singh, CTO, eCampusOntario on a presentation at IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Digital Credentials Summit in Tempe, Arizona. The presentation focused on collaborative approaches to issuing and recognizing badges that leverage the advantages of CanCred technology and eCampusOntario’s network of post-secondary institutions:

Rethinking Recognition with Open Badges 2.0: Endorsement and Collaborative Issuing Networks

eCampusOntario is the edtech network of excellence for Ontario’s 45 publicly funded colleges and universities. The network has been working with its member institutions and CanCred.ca, the Canadian partner of Open Badge Factory (OBF), to “rethink recognition”.

This rethink leverages some exciting features of Open Badges 2.0 implemented by OBF’s IMS certified technology, such as Alignment and Endorsement, along with other features native to OBF and CanCred, such as collaborative badge issuing. The result is an emerging badge network, where badges converge on a provincial recognition hub, the eCampusOntario Passport.

Sample slide:


Slideshare link to presentation