CanCred partners with Ibbaka to launch GoFrameworks alignment hub

Jul 14, 2021


CanCred by Learning Agents has partnered with Ibbaka Performance of Vancouver to launch the GoFrameworks alignment hub, a flexible and easy way to align micro-credentials and other open badges to key skill and competency frameworks used by educators and employers, along with other important frameworks such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. CanCred Factory subscribers at the Pro level can quickly align badges to one or more of the frameworks on the GoFrameworks hub through an API-enabled platform integration.

For its launch, GoFrameworks is featuring five frameworks: Ontario Essential Employability Skills, Shopify’s Remote Working Skills, the US Department of Labor’s Advanced Manufacturing Model, the Ibbaka Open Competency Model for Design Thinking and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Other frameworks will be added in the coming months.

The World Economic Forum has identified skill gaps as a critical risk to economic recovery and growth “Skills gaps continue to be high as in-demand skills across jobs change in the next five years.” Competency frameworks are the map and micro-credentials are the compass to close these gaps.

Ways to get involved

  • Create badges on CanCred Factory and align them to frameworks on GoFrameworks hub
  • Suggest competency models or frameworks for inclusion
  • Build your own framework (there is no charge if you are willing to make it public and share it under a Creative Commons license)
  • Suggest your own ideas to infoATgoframeworks.io

schematic diagram

About GoFrameworks

GoFrameworks is a partnership of Learning Agents and Ibbaka to provide competency and other frameworks that can be aligned with the CanCred open badges system and other micro-credential systems based on the Open Badge Factory platform. Other platforms, such as Learning Management Systems can also be supported. The GoFrameworks service can be accessed directly or integrated with other platforms using its API. Free and custom levels of access are available. Learn more about How to engage on the website. The prototype for GoFrameworks was made possible by a partnership with St. Lawrence College and the Government of Ontario. Ibbaka’s Open Competency Models are also available on its Library of Open Competency Models.

About Ibbaka

Ibbaka provides software for high growth companies to optimize planning and execution of key growth initiatives like customer value and company capabilities, while improving company performance. Ibbaka leverages unique data-driven analytical capabilities for unparalleled insights into drivers of and levers for growth and profitability.