New enhancements for badge applications

Jun 14, 2023

Badge applications are a superpower for CanCred Factory: an authentic way to earn a badge based the submission of direct evidence.

Our partners at Open Badge Factory continue to work to make this authentic assessment scalable for CanCred Factory.

The latest improvements are Multi-step assessment and Indicate correct answer.

See details below!

Multi-step assessment

The new “Multi-step assessment” option for badge applications supports a group-based assessment process. It builds on the existing Peer assessment functionality of CanCred Factory.

The application form is first submitted to a group of named reviewers, which acts as a jury. When reviewing the application, each jury member can vote to approve or disapprove the application and write a comment explaining their choice. The badge can be issued or rejected automatically when a preset number of votes has been given (for example, the badge is issued when two positive votes are given) or a final assessment can be required. In that second case, the final reviewer will be able to track the reviewer group’s reviewing process and see their votes and comments in Factory.

Screenshot showing how a final review step can be chosen or not

View this video from our partners at Open Badge Factory to learn more about this powerful new badge application mode:

Indicate correct answer

To ease the work of reviewers, the development team added a field to the blocks for “radio buttons” and “checkboxes” in the badge application form editor, to indicate the correct answer(s):

Screenshot of the correct answer being indicated in the badge application editor

See how to deploy “Correct answer”, otherwise known as Light quiz in this video tutorial: